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Market Value Partners are industry proven executives that help companies build and sustain competitive market advantage. MVP's ultimate goal is to help our clients build superior customer and shareholder value.

The Market Value Process is the cornerstone of the MVP consulting practice, providing a rigorous analytical methodology that enables companies to significantly increase their overall market position.

A Proven Model

MVP's fundamental thesis is that a well conceived market strategy is one of the keys to a company's overall business success.

MVP helps:

    1. Companies that may not have sufficient internal strategic marketing resource.
    2. Companies that want to assess new market opportunities for their products and services
    3. Companies that are struggling with important strategic business decisions.

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The following characteristics differentiate Market Value Partners from other marketing consulting organizations:

  • Total focus on what it takes to build real market value in a company.
  • A rigorous methodological approach for assessing a company's market potential, helping them to establish a winning business strategy
  • The General Partners' extensive operating management experience.
  • Significant professional relationships with a wide network of business partners.

The People

MVP is led by seasoned veterans, backed by a broad network of partners.

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Our Services

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To learn more about the Market Value Process download our White Paper as an Adobe Acrobat File


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